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Jell Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is a brand known for it's exceptional approach to every consumer of the beauty and health care industry. In an industry over crowded with brands, and with manufacturers and retailers spending heavily on marketing and advertising of their merchandise , it is a daunting task to shift through the mediocrity and find the genuinely good product. Surpassing the field is an outstanding and forthright Jellpharma, where we have successfully concentrated our efforts in combining health care treatments with beauty enhancing products.  More>>
Petroleum jelly

 Baby Petroleum Jelly Gel Candles
Hair Food / Styling Gel
 Baby Powder Isoproyl alcohol
Talcum Powder
 Baby oil Vaporub
Lip Balm
 Baby Soap
Skin Cream & Lotions
 Baby Shampoo
Creamy Petroleum Jelly
 Baby Wipes
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